Technical Info

1 Beringer x32 compact mixing console
1 32 channel digital snake
2 KV2 ES 1.0 Main
2 KV2 ES 2.5 Sub
6 Yorkville NX55P Powered Monitors
2 Yorkville NX200 Sub
3 Shure Beta58 Mics
6 Shure SM58LC Mics
6 Shure SM57LC Mics
1 AKG D112Kick Mic
3 AKG CS1000 condenser mic
4 CBI Direct Box
32 channel split snake
16 channel 50’ subsnake
Mic stands and booms
XLR cables

Cabling is provided for on-stage sound processing.

Stage Lighting
•Front of House Truss
24 ETC Par 64
6 ETC Source 4, 26 and 36 degree
2 side tormentors 6 Par 64 each side
DMX and network control outlets provided for moving and effects lighting and equipment.

•Upstage lighting
24 ETC Par 64
4 ETC Source 4

Separate 100 amp single phase and 200 amp 3 phase breakers available (no Camlocks).
•Please note: All lights (with the exception of those mounted on the tormentors) are fixed. There is no access to the ceiling trusses.

Lighting controller: ETC Ion 1000 with 2×20 fader wing.

Click here [PDF] to download a diagram of the location and types of lighting used at the Arcata Theatre Lounge

Separate 100 and 200 amp 3 phase breakers are available.  No Camloks though.

Cabling is available for onstage processing.
Wenger Stage: 4’ high. Standard setup at 32’ wide x 16’ deep. Stage can be configured with additional front section (28’ wide x 4’ deep) bringing main center stage section to 20’ deep.

Cinema Screen
Located upstage at back of stage. Measures 15’ high x 32’ wide.
Screen is covered by curtains when not in use.

1 7300 lumen DLP single chip projector.
1 6500 lumen DLP single chip projector.

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