Rent The Arcata Theatre Lounge

Contact:, 1036 G St., Arcata, 95521

The Arcata Theatre Lounge is available to rent!

Please email us the details about your event including requested dates, and we will respond with the information most pertinent to your specific event.

Having a party and want to bring it to the Arcata Theatre Lounge for a movie?

For groups of 10 or more, we offer the following:

* Email us at to let us know the date/movie you wish to attend.

* Pre-purchase tickets either online via our website or we can arrange for you to pre-purchase at the venue.  Please note, if purchasing online, please bring the same credit card or E-Ticket with email info. to verify your purchase.

* We can reserve a section for your party and can meet with you prior to the day of the movie to pick out your area of choice. (Coming soon, an online map to pick out seating areas.)

* Important: Let your friends know that you have reserved the area so they know to sit there!

* Birthday treats:  If you wish to bring a birthday cake, cupcakes, cookies, pie or any other desserts, you may do so with prior approval.

We charge a fee based on number of attendees in your group.  Payment can be made prior to, or on the night of event.

Dessert fees are as follows:

$15 (groups of 10 or less).

$20 (groups of 11-15).

$25 (groups of 16-20).

$30 (groups of 21-25).

For an additional $15, we can provide festive paper plates, forks, napkins and a cake knife so all you need to bring is the cake!

* A note about Helium Balloons:  Unfortunately due to our very high ceilings and the tendency for balloons to escape, we do not allow helium balloons in the venue. *

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